Return Policy & Product & Use Information

Front Porch Candle Co./ Front Porch Candle Supply is not responsible for any misuse, accidents, or adverse reactions that may occur with use of our products. We are not responsible for accidents or incidents associated with the use of our products.  

Fragrance Oil Warnings- Keep away from Children in Pets. Use in a well Ventilated area or use a Respirator.  Protect Skin with Use.  Do Not Consume.

Returns and Fragrance Related Issues- To maintain integrity of all our products we do not offer returns. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. We do not allow changes once you placed your order. We do not offer returns or exchange of merchandise.  We recommend purchasing in small quantity to test before ordering in larger amounts. All of our items are packaged securely upon leaving our facility.  Customers are responsible for all testing.

In House Fragrance Oil Blends may vary slightly (.1 ounce) from batch to batch (Meaning they may have .1 ounce more of one or the other fragrance).

We do not offer returns for scents that you feel are not strong enough or scents that you feel that were stronger when you purchased them before. We do not offer returns if you do not like a certain fragrance.  Many variables can play into this.